I suck at speaking. So I'd rather express myself with colors and shapes.

I have been creating pictures the whole of my life but I have never attended any art or design school.

I took mechanical engineering at university because I thought that mechanical drawings were beautiful.

I am a co-founder of a CGI company in Hong Kong which helps people visualize and present ideas using 3D technology.

A few years ago, I started to see colors whenever I closed my eyes. The composition of colors were so beautiful that I thought I had to record them. I did this mainly with ipad and later furnished them using Artrage. These became some of my earlier prints.

I sometimes feel that I just can't live without colors.

My inspiration comes from almost anything I see in my daily life. Bold colors and shapes are my favorite. I seldom make sketches beforehand but paint directly on canvases.

Email: opanghk@gmail.com